Can I Get Workers’ Comp For a Heart Attack?

Americans work too hard. Because of long hours and work stress, many of us are working ourselves towards a heart attack. If you get a heart attack, either at work or at home, can you get workers’ compensation?……


It’s an interesting question, one worth looking into with a lawyer. At least for starters, you can check the link and see if that’s a possibility when it involves workers’ comp. I guess it all depends on a number of factors….

Can I Get Workers’ Comp For Food Poisoning At Work?

Relevant question to ask, don’t you think? Definitely discussing that with a qualified attorney would be the way to go, because you just might have a case for workers’ compensation. It all depends on the details, though.

Understanding Workers’ Comp: Where Did You Get That Hamburger From?

hamburger workers' comp


Your job may be full of hazards, such as heavy boxes and dangerous machinery. However, did you ever expect the hazard to come from that tasty hamburger you had at the company cafeteria? Food poisoning doesn’t just hurt your stomach. It can hurt your wallet……