Everything You Need to Know About Jonathan Pollack

One thing you have to know about real estate is that there is risk: just look at this real estate investment risk guide! It’s like playing with fire — but can reap some big rewards, especially if you know what you’re doing. Thankfully, one man by the name of Jonathan Pollack not only knows what he’s doing, but knows that he knows what he’s doing so much that of Blackstone had to take notice and signed him on as the head of real estate debt strategies.

Why Is Jonathan Pollack so Important When It Comes to Real Estate Debt?Jonathan Pollack-1

Damage control. Underwriting. Allocating. This man knows his numbers. He knows marketing. He knows restructuring. And he was doing it for 16 years as the commercial mortgage backed securities man at Deutsche Bank as the financial institution was reporting losses. They were consolidating. He was underwriting. He’s the reason many of those big names still remain afloat in a sea of real estate crashes and recessions, so it makes sense that one Jon Gray would want Jonathan Pollack on board to make sure that Noah’s Ark stays above waters while a potential real estate Armageddon arrives.

What are his accolades? Simply put, Jonathan Pollack’s responsible for revitalizing the business of Motel 6 (yep, the “we’ll leave the light on for you” chain) through effective restructuring of the business. Even some of Manhattan’s famous skyscrapers saw remarkable buyouts that kept the towers standing tall and proud in the Big Apple. Successfully puts him on a list of top real estate gurus, don’t you think?

So Ask Yourself This Important Question:

Would you want someone like Jonathan Pollack on your side? Of course. He’s the man to make sure the buildings stay up. Where there’s a successful real estate business, there’s risk given the industry. So you certainly want to make sure such a real estate giant doesn’t fall too hard at all.


Everything You Need to Know About Joseph Chetrit

Yes, the American Dream. Indeed. That’s one dream out of many, of course, and that dream is real estate. What else can be more American than that, and certainly there was a man from Morocco who thought he could make it happen, and lo and behold: he was correct! Mr. Joseph Chetrit stands as one of many in the current stratosphere of real estate moguls to present an influence of change, innovation and development from a real estate investment standpoint, and here’s why:

Joseph Chetrit and His AccomplishmentsJoseph Chetrit-1

It’s interesting to know that Joseph Chetrit originally grew a family textile business after moving to the U.S. for a good 25 years. Business went well. He then caught the real estate bug and got involved in some of the most pivotal real estate deals to date — seemingly from osmosis! Maybe real estate was always in his blood….

Needless to say, the innate ability to buy up the properties and see the so-called “writing on the wall” turned out to be the winning factor, creatively repurposing such spaces and generating incredible returns to earn him his spot as a trendsetter, a standard in the real estate industry, particularly in the commercial field.

And he’s just one man…. Pretty remarkable. Most notably, though, Joseph Chetrit is known for his infamous purchase of the well-known Sears Tower in the city of Chi-Town, renaming the steel beast to ‘Willis Tower’ back in 2009. Yep. That was him who did that.

Just Reminding You: Morocco and Textiles. And Now a Big Name in Real Estate

Joseph Chetrit is a perfect example that it’s not necessarily about the credentials or even the experience. You have to have a sort of ‘knack,’ a skill and a street smart to really make it in the real estate business. Perhaps you’re thinking about getting into real estate investments? It would help to get in some research and learn from the best: why not learn from the likes of Joseph Chetrit?

Everything You Need to Know About Lee Shau Kee

What makes a real estate mogul? Is it mortgage management? RTO? Home rentals? Being a broker? Loan origination? Development? All of the above? Yes. Some of the best real estate gurus in the game know that it’s all a combination, all connected, and wouldn’t you know it — no one knows that better than Lee Shau Kee, founder of the Henderson Land Company back in 1976.

Yes, Lee Shau Kee Has Been in the Game for That Long

That alone should tell you something: Lee Shau Kee knows what he’s talking about, having a massive stake in the conglomerate of the land company responsible for some of the mostLee Shau Kee-1 intensive and extensive real estate developments not only in the U.S., but in the world. We’re talking about hotels. Restaurants. Even internet services. He’s dabbled in it all, hence why his business acument has earned him that title of “Hong Kong’s Buffet,” a little bit of everything in real estate.

Of course, the man at a very seasoned 86 years old has stepped down and allowed his son to manage Henderson with gusto while still remaining as chairman of the company, but you can bet this is a man that even when he’s long gone, his legacy will continue to live on.

Take One Look at Hong Kong’s International Financial Center, for One….

Yep, that was him. Lee Shau Kee. Purely fantastical in the scope and vision, plus the funding that went into it. Monuments like that will remain. And his longevity, his vision will also. You don’t see many real estate moguls like that, like Lee Shau Kee. And at the rate his company’s going, they won’t stop anytime soon with the comprehensive projects around the world continuing to make waves and making rich commercial real estate a relevant factor in today’s global economy.