Everything You Need to Know About Jon Gray

Jon Gray happens to be the pinnacle of one of the richest real estate operations in the nation: Blackstone. We’re talking, though, about a private equity firm and not a property management company dealing in home rentals and RTOs. However, the model this man known as Jon Gray follows certainly applies to just about any facet of the real estate industry, but let’s get to the bread and butter of why this man fits the bill as a major player in real estate.

For Starters, Blackstone Is a $93BB Real Estate OperationJon Gray

Back in 1992, Jon Gray revolutionized the operation, starting as a staffer for the original $334MM real estate fund. Through a novel concept of “Buy It, Fix It, Sell It,” he took the work of Blackstone and skyrocketed real estate private equity in such a way that it may awe the likes of all real estate gurus clear and wide.

Think about it: he grew the $334MM funding to the $93BB we’re seeing today for Blackstone. That’s pretty impressive. And while his mantra has the simplicity of a children’s book, one thing’s for sure — if it worked enough to result in the monumental $26BB purchase of Hilton (yes, Hilton), then we say don’t fix it if it ain’t broke.

A Trendsetter of the Profitable Real Estate Private Equity Front

Jon Gray is in. No matter how you slice it. But the point about Job Gray is that he knows how to keep the cash flow coming when it comes to real estate, and ultimately that’s a benefit for everyone. Whether you’re a home renter, a homeowner, a home investor, or someone interested in rent-to-own.

There’s no telling how far Jon Gray will go with Blackstone, because as it stands, the company has one other major player in the business, making Blackstone a key component in an industry only beginning to soar. Good news for everyone.


Everything You Need to Know About Jeffery Hayward

No matter how you slice it, one thing’s for sure: Fannie Mae has been getting things done. You then have to wonder just who’s responsible for the mortgage loan giant’s phenomenal success most recently, and we can most certainly point the finger to someone by the name of Jeffery Hayward.

Who Is Jeffery Hayward?

Oh, he’s just the Executive Vice President and Head of the Multifamily division at Fannie Mae, not that that would mean much to you except for the fact that there are numbers attributed jeffery hayward-1to his successes within the organization proving that he can get families into homes faster than grants and scholarships can get students into school. For starters, Hayward’s responsible for mortgage financing of literally over 500K homes annually. That’s right: every year.

Now if that number doesn’t impress you, this one will — $30BB. That’s the number of dollars he’s been able to infuse of liquidity into the mortgage industry.

When looking at a bunch of real estate gurus out there this year, Hayward’s the man as far as getting the assistance many people need in getting into a home, something that, say, the HOPE Program can praise through and through! And it’s no fluke either: Hayward has 25 years of lending experience under his belt, so he apparently knows what he’s doing.

Additionally, it was only almost three years ago that he was given the responsibility to boost the multifamily division upon receiving major criticism with the post-financial crisis. Did he succeed? The short answer is YES. We’re talking insane record amounts of capital and still even maintaining a pretty reasonable loan-to-value ratio.

Talk About Playing Damage Control….

All of us look for a sure bet in securing a mortgage, because that’s the way to get into a home. Plain and simple. Heck, you could have all the income in the world, and maybe even a decent down payment, but if you’re credit’s spotty, chances are that home loan’s out of your reach — but not with Fannie Mae, and it’s all because of one Jeffery Hayward.

It all starts with Fannie Mae and the exec VP. Mr. Jeffery Hayward, keep making it happen.


What Is this “Ultimate Rent to Own Home Program”? Is It Legit?

Dude, it’s totally legit. Like, more legit than a wave and the surf, dude.

(Sorry, the headline compelled me to talk like that….)

In all seriousness, I have to be plucky in this particular matter, because when it comes to real estate, we can’t help but generally be negative — either with how the market swings down, or how our heads hurt from all the numbers, figures, lingo, lack of resources, and the overwhelming feeling coming over us as this tornado hits us and our beachfront real estate like a ton of bricks. Face it: the idea of renting, buying, selling or even investing in a home is terrifying.

It’s Services, Though, Like This — the Ultimate Rent to Own Home Program — That Can Relieve Our Fears Instantly

Thanks to social media, of course. That’s the major rub, though. The Internrent to own surfinget. The real estate industry still to this day is struggling to catch up with the change in times and maximizing development and advancement through technology, such as selling a home through social media. Is that even possible? Yes, it is.

Even better, though, this Ultimate Rent to Own Home Program earns the title of “ultimate” solely on comprehensive services — everything from a list of rent-to-own homes, to credit repair, to education, to legal services, home improvement, and anything else you can think of to ensure you find the right property for your family.

And it’s all connected, too! The Ultimate Rent to Own Home Program is “super” according to Nationwide Property Values, and even a prestigious program like H.O.P.E. to Own put their two cents in.The access is stellar solely on the fact that social media’s the main weapon. Spreading like wildfire. It’s for real, too. It’s not a scam. Not even a shred of a scam.

Profile Reviews Doesn’t Just Have the Goods on the Ultimate Rent to Own Home Program

Check out this other site on rent-to-own reviews, for instance. The sources here spill their guts out in praises over this program. Yet another site offers very much the same advice: enroll in the program, basically. Can’t get any simpler than that.

Now that’s one righteous wave. Tubular!

Check them out at RTO Reviews for more info about what they can do for you right now.

New credit scores could bolster housing market

The National Association of Realtors says that the adoption of new credit-scoring models could improve the ability of borrowers who lost their homes during the foreclosure crisis to buy again….


I call this pretty good news given the fact that almost 1MM homeowners out of a staggering 9.3MM faced foreclosure most recently according to statistics. Looks like the NAR are on to something big! It’s all about the credit ratings of homeowners now.

Why click-to-purchase real estate could be the future of the industry

Over $2 billion in real estate sales; 100 auction events; 15,000 homes sold. Those stats showhome search real estate the reality that HomeSearch.com is here to shake up real estate….


Figures spell success in real estate, without a doubt. This is proof that perhaps you can make some good money as long as you have the right resources and convenience like this thing called “click-to-purchase.” HomeSearch.com apparently does know what they’re doing!

Are You Present When Viewing Real Estate?

In a nutshell, if you don’t want to take the time to see the dwelling you’re considering moving into, you most likely will accept whatever defects, problems, issues, complaints or disasters may come your way when buying the home. Whether it’s an FSBO, or you’re dealing with a realtor, you might know the answer to this question already. We hope.

Viewing the Real Estate Is Essential. Right?


real estate open door

Why do you want to go inside the house or condo unit you’re considering as your next home? Seems like an obvious question….

How to Remove Odors From Your Fixer Upper

According to a recent report from the Institute of Medicine, damp or moldy indoor environments can be to blame for some adverse health outcomes.

Remove Odors Simply With White Vinegar, Essential Oil, and Candles!

remove odors candles

One would think the actual home improvement would be enough to remove odors around a fixer-upper home, right? That may be true…. But you just might want to consider getting rid of those odors immediately — as in before you even start bringing in the quartz countertop or roof shingles for your renovation.