This stylish steel range from LG boasts convection but cooks on the slow side

Home improvement’s largely looking at kitchen innovations these days, right? Right. LG, though, might have something with the aesthetics, but can it deliver the goods on a timely basis? Hmm….

LG and It’s Lackluster Performing Stainless Steel Range


Clad in lovely stainless-steel the LG LRG3085ST gas range is pretty but takes its time to cook.

Huawei P8 and P8 Max mix all-metal body with octa-core chip at affordable price (hands-on)

Competition’s always a big deal when it comes to smartphones. There’s Apple, LG, Motorola — and then there’s Huawei. Check out what Huawei’s bringing to the table and see if the competition’s looking a bit stiffer. Stiff enough that you want to secure a payday loan just to pay for one of these suckers right now!

Why Huawei Just Might Be Bringing Out the ‘Big Guns’ Pretty Soon


Huawei’s new flagship phones have a host of high-end features but are set to come with price tags that undercut Samsung’s Galaxy S6.