Everything You Need to Know About the Ford-Firestone Fiasco

Thankfully, this bitter problem has been long gone in the annuls of scandalous automotive history, but Ford to this day probably still does remember the issue back then regarding those Firestone tires. What was the deal with the Ford-Firestone disaster? Check it out….

The Ford-Firestone Problem Was All About the New Explorer

It was the ’90s, an age when SUVs ruled the landscape like the thunder lizards. Who knew that this T. Rex of a scandal would rock the nation in 2000 when Ford partnered with Firestone to herald in the new era with the Explorer, replacing the dangerous Bronco II, an SUV prone to Ford-Firestone-1rollovers. Not something you’d want to experience.

Ford-Firestone thought they had it right. And for a while there, they did. The Ford Explorer sold like hotcakes until it turned out the NHTSA sought to investigate occurrences of blowouts leading to rollovers. So what did Ford do?

Ford blamed Firestone.

What did Firestone do? They blamed Ford! You can see the issue ensuing and a battle between dinosaurs of this automotive industry shock the world.

The issue had to be addressed given the fact that there had been 100 deaths worldwide due to rollovers, so someone had to be held accountable. Ford-Firestone was on the brink of implosion as the tire company recalled 6.5MM tires while pointing the finger and saying that the heat, low tire pressure and the Ford Explorer’s weight were all the causes of those accidents. Of course, Ford Motor Company struck back, sticking to their opinion — they said those Firestone tires sucked.

Like All Battles, It Ended ‘Amicably’

Of course, executives for Ford-Firestone collectively battled each other in court, trying to come up with some consensus on who was at fault, but in the end, it just turned out that Ford-Firestone was no more back in 2002. Parting ways, it just seemed the right decision given the millions of dollars paid out for lawsuits. The issue just no longer mattered!

What’s funny is this — neither company to this day has admitted full responsibility for the rollover issue.

Lawmaker proposes state registry of home-schooled children

I ask this question: is this good or bad? It’s not like the registry’s anything close to a sexual offender’s list, so to speak. Still, does it present a certain stigma to all home-schooled children? Or is it just a way for Child Protective Services to filter out certain “leads” and recognize that by law parents are exercising their right to educate their children outside of school?

It’ll be interesting to see how this proposal plays out. Makes you wonder what a family law attorney would consider regarding this….

Georgia Legalizes Medical Marijuana: A Roundup

Just in time for 4/20, Georgia became the 24th state to legalize cannabis for medicinal use. But don’t go investing in Funyuns stock just yet — Georgia’s law is fairly restrictive when it comes to what a medical marijuana patient can possess……


There are so many misconceptions as to what constitutes “medical marijuana legalization.” Although the concept of medical marijuana and states jumping on the bandwagon to legalize it, you just might want to investigate this before you end up having to approach an attorney about being asked to offer a hair follicle test for drugs. Until then, enjoy the Georgia peaches instead!

Richmond Pays Police Informant $700K After He’s Outed, Shot

I guess the question is: “is it worth it?” Richmond, Virginia, seemed to think so as one police informant got a sweet reward for getting in harm’s way and risking life. With legal parameters in place, though, information and communication is key, so it’s not like any police informant never realizes just what he or she is getting into. Consider the legalities and decide for yourself: is $700K worth it to get shot? Maybe, maybe not.

Police Informant Risks It All. For Money?

richmond police informant


Whether they do it to avoid punishment for their own crimes or out of some civic duty, confidential informants know they’re entering into a dangerous enterprise. After all, snitches get stitches, as the saying goes.

5 Things to Know About Hiring Kids

The basic review of hiring kids is simple: watch what you have them do very carefully. You just might be breaking the law if you’re asking them to do too much. As usual, consult with a lawyer about the do’s and dont’s as soon as possible!

Knowing the Law About Hiring Kids


hiring kids lemonade


For many businesses, kids are a great source of temporary, low wage labor. However, there a lot of laws regarding child labor that limit how old kids must be to work, what jobs they’re allowed to do, and how long they can work. Violating these laws can mean hefty fines……