Everything You Need to Know About Bernie Ecclestone

Some may call him a troll (and if the camera catches him right, he most certainly does look like one). If he is one, he’s a very rich one, though, not ever having to live under a bridge and charging those passing by some coins or be eaten. Bernie Ecclestone is a global empiric mogul¬†Luke Skywalker might actually have some trouble with, but understand one thing about Bernie when it comes to the auto industry:¬†what he says, goes. Period.

Why Bernie Ecclestone Is a Major Headliner of a Massive Portion of the Auto Industry as WeBernie Ecclestone Know It

We love cars. We love them so much that we’re willing to sit and watch a bunch of them racing around a circle for a couple hours. This is a major portion of our interest to drive, and lends a hand to some of the performance value we expect as one Jeremy Clarkson would attest to. So when this guy, a British business magnate and chief executive of the Formula One Group steers the major corporation toward all sorts of profitability and pockets a portion of that dough to be labeled the big “F1 Supremo,” you know you have an influence in the auto industry like many others in 2015.

Bernie Ecclestone did compete in F1 racing, just so you know. He wasn’t that good, though. We would guess that’s what turned him into a manager for such professional drivers as Stuart Lewis-Evans and Jochen Rindt, but he transcended the business even further after purchasing the Brabham team, running it for about a decade and a half. Merchandising, media, and logistics: his expertise to grow F1 racing into one of the richest sports on the planet certainly earned him the title he still to this day has.

Just Another Reason Why There’s Big Bucks in the Auto Industry

When we consider purchasing a new a car, we’re contributing to an industry lining the pockets of every F1 professional driver — and ultimately, this emperor Bernie Ecclestone. There’s something to be said about a guy who can steer an industry toward entertainment, publication and global advertising. Again, we attest: we love cars. Everyone loves cars.