Everything You Need to Know About Barry Sternlicht

Who likes the Sheraton? (Raises hand). W Hotels? Sure. St. Regis? Definitely. Talk about icons in the hotel industry, and we’re not talking about the one-of-a-kind diamonds in the rough like the Hilton or Trump (sorry, Donald), but the ones you see everywhere. You have to imagine that there’s a real estate guru out of many major real estate players in the game responsible for such a franchise of gigantic proportions, and you’re correct.

His Name Is Barry Sternlicht, CEO of Starwood CapitalBarry Sternlicht-1

It just so happens that Barry Sternlicht in his bid to become the “King of Hotels,” (which wasn’t hard to do) as well as Hot +0.83% and Resorts Worldwide, he revolutionized the hospitality industry with hotels popping up like newborn rabbits given his hands-on approach to the marketing and expansion of such brands.

He, in fact, was directly responsible for the Westin “Heavenly Bed,” not only a luxury you’d find in those hotels but an additional revenue source of marketing for homeowners to even update their own homes, thereby dabbling into the residential real estate market for current homeowners interested in property values and ROI when selling homes. Smart move.

Luxury. Retail. Some of the finer details. That’s Barry Sternlicht to a tee, focusing on the minute, the stuff we don’t see. Like crystal manufacturer Baccarat, a purchase allowing him to feature such incredible crystal chandeliers in a hotel that it would remain a staple in the hospitality industry and make him a trendsetter.

It’s About Imagination. Innovation. And Growth.

And Barry Sternlicht epitomizes that in true form. Who knows what else he will have in store for us in the future as he continues to try and reinvent himself in this industry, whether it’s residential, construction, home design innovation, or the hotel industry. As far as real estate gurus go, Barry Sternlicht goes pretty darn far!


Everything You Need to Know About Lee Shau Kee

What makes a real estate mogul? Is it mortgage management? RTO? Home rentals? Being a broker? Loan origination? Development? All of the above? Yes. Some of the best real estate gurus in the game know that it’s all a combination, all connected, and wouldn’t you know it — no one knows that better than Lee Shau Kee, founder of the Henderson Land Company back in 1976.

Yes, Lee Shau Kee Has Been in the Game for That Long

That alone should tell you something: Lee Shau Kee knows what he’s talking about, having a massive stake in the conglomerate of the land company responsible for some of the mostLee Shau Kee-1 intensive and extensive real estate developments not only in the U.S., but in the world. We’re talking about hotels. Restaurants. Even internet services. He’s dabbled in it all, hence why his business acument has earned him that title of “Hong Kong’s Buffet,” a little bit of everything in real estate.

Of course, the man at a very seasoned 86 years old has stepped down and allowed his son to manage Henderson with gusto while still remaining as chairman of the company, but you can bet this is a man that even when he’s long gone, his legacy will continue to live on.

Take One Look at Hong Kong’s International Financial Center, for One….

Yep, that was him. Lee Shau Kee. Purely fantastical in the scope and vision, plus the funding that went into it. Monuments like that will remain. And his longevity, his vision will also. You don’t see many real estate moguls like that, like Lee Shau Kee. And at the rate his company’s going, they won’t stop anytime soon with the comprehensive projects around the world continuing to make waves and making rich commercial real estate a relevant factor in today’s global economy.