Everything You Need to Know About Jeffery Hayward

No matter how you slice it, one thing’s for sure: Fannie Mae has been getting things done. You then have to wonder just who’s responsible for the mortgage loan giant’s phenomenal success most recently, and we can most certainly point the finger to someone by the name of Jeffery Hayward.

Who Is Jeffery Hayward?

Oh, he’s just the Executive Vice President and Head of the Multifamily division at Fannie Mae, not that that would mean much to you except for the fact that there are numbers attributed jeffery hayward-1to his successes within the organization proving that he can get families into homes faster than grants and scholarships can get students into school. For starters, Hayward’s responsible for mortgage financing of literally over 500K homes annually. That’s right: every year.

Now if that number doesn’t impress you, this one will — $30BB. That’s the number of dollars he’s been able to infuse of liquidity into the mortgage industry.

When looking at a bunch of real estate gurus out there this year, Hayward’s the man as far as getting the assistance many people need in getting into a home, something that, say, the HOPE Program can praise through and through! And it’s no fluke either: Hayward has 25 years of lending experience under his belt, so he apparently knows what he’s doing.

Additionally, it was only almost three years ago that he was given the responsibility to boost the multifamily division upon receiving major criticism with the post-financial crisis. Did he succeed? The short answer is YES. We’re talking insane record amounts of capital and still even maintaining a pretty reasonable loan-to-value ratio.

Talk About Playing Damage Control….

All of us look for a sure bet in securing a mortgage, because that’s the way to get into a home. Plain and simple. Heck, you could have all the income in the world, and maybe even a decent down payment, but if you’re credit’s spotty, chances are that home loan’s out of your reach — but not with Fannie Mae, and it’s all because of one Jeffery Hayward.

It all starts with Fannie Mae and the exec VP. Mr. Jeffery Hayward, keep making it happen.


Letting the Force Flow Through the New Star Wars Trailer

Any droid, Jedi, clone, Sith Lord, rebel soldier or stormtrooper would cheer at the call of the “first transport is away,” faithfuls hopping into their Snowspeeders to tackle them some hefty AT-ATs with harpoons as another metaphorical Death Star looms in the distance about to cream the latest Avengers and “Superman V Batman” set trailers with a passion — and it’s all because of this new Star Wars trailer just released by Mr. J.J. Abrams, whetting our appetites for more galaxies far, far away, investing in some John Williams to bleed into our souls the way the dark side could only do so.

Why the New Star Wars Trailer Increases Your Midichlorian Count


I have to say this: I was a little kid again. All of it came back for me in ways I can’t even describe.

When the new trilogy came out with a boyish Vader, Liam Neeson, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and a weird talking Gungan, I was hyped up on this cosmic sugar, and that’s all well and good. This, though, took satisfaction to a whole new level. No toothaches, no candy coma — just a full belly, and perhaps a good beer to go with it. That’s what this trailer brought for me with the philosophy of Skywalker.

And here’s the best part: this new Star Wars trailer wasn’t even the official trailer! That means there most likely will be more to come!

If you notice, in this new Star Wars trailer “teaser,” we really don’t get to see anything as far as a plot at all, nothing to get us asking questions about “what’s going to happen,” gauging us and luring us like meat to Chewbacca on the forest moon of Endor. That’s what trailers typically do.

This, however, is not a trailer, per se. It’s a teaser. But for all intents and purposes, it’s a damn wicked teaser evoking those hairs standing on end and an X-wing flying up your nose with blasters blazing. Just from those few images, I can say this….

Based on the New Star Wars Trailer, This Won’t Disappoint at All

The same timeless quality. The gritty realism. What made Star Wars so eternal, but just with that flair Abrams is so well known for, kicking up the high-octane space opera action to the “nth” degree a million times over, without super-cheesing the CGI to death (although I don’t dislike breathtaking visuals at all)….

This will bring us all back to our roots. To our beginnings. And ironically enough, this new trilogy we’re going to see is not a ‘beginning’ of the entire mythos, but a continuation. And, yet, it’s the beginning of a new saga. The combination is divine. And we’re all in for a treat. It’s like Han Solo says — “Chewie…. We’re home.”

Districts Partner to Build School Music Programs

A school district delegation from Anaheim, Calif., traveled to Nashville, Tenn., this spring to learn what it takes to create a robust music education program.


Now that’s music to my ears, bringing in the HOPE that we all wish for to a dying art form. Music programs in schools are the true ‘recess period’, trumping that of any see-saw or set of monkey bars. Just sayin’.