Yes, We Knew Joan Had Been Married Twice on Mad Men

Without a doubt, Christina Hendricks can steal my identity any day as the redhead bombshell that she is. Sad that “Mad Men” is at their last season!


On last night’s Mad Men, Joan reluctantly admitted to her new suitor Richard that she’s a mom. He balked initially, but came crawling back, flowers in hand (and ascot on neck), begging for a second chance, which she seemed likely to give him. It was all pretty charming, really. But … More »

Child 44 Wastes a Great Cast and Premise

Dear Lord, what happened here? Can one file criminal charges against a film that wastes this good a cast and premise? Child 44, directed by Daniel Espinosa and scripted by Richard Price, is based on Tom Rob Smith’s acclaimed novel, which itself was based on a series of shocking real-life … More »


Take it from a critic, I guess. No internet legal plan in existence could save this film, apparently, from damnation, even if it does have Gary Oldman and Tom Hardy (a.k.a. Bane) playing top roles.

However…. I guess it’s all a matter of perspective.

Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 Sure Is Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2

Nobody was expecting much from Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2, but did it have to be this unimaginative and lifeless? The original wasn’t exactly Sherlock, Jr. to begin with, but you might have thought that, given its success, Kevin James and Co. could try to take the second one into … More »


Sequels, sadly, suffer from the worst challenge in the world — topping, or at the very least reinventing, the original. It’s not an easy feat. But for purposes of entertainment, I would hope we’d just enjoy the flick for what it is: a cheesy, ridiculous, and goofy story that’ll probably make all the kids laugh their heads off.

Kevin James Movies Have a Kevin James Problem

I’ve been watching Kevin James movies for years. But, like most of my fellow pointy-head critics, I haven’t liked most of them. Which perplexes and troubles me, because I’m a fan of dumb comedy. (I made my friends take me to Joe Dirt on my birthday many years ago.) More »


Call me crazy, but these are the types of movies I just won’t take seriously at all! So why not just have some fun with it? Kevin James is funny — as long as you accept the brand of humor. If you flat-out don’t and go in with the immediate conception that this is just going to be flat-out ‘dumb,’ flat-out needing a lawyer to help you get your money back from the theater, then you’ll flat-out sabotage yourself from just enjoying a cheesy, ridiculous and weird movie about a guy with the worst name ever in existence!

Just enjoy the ludicrousness of it. That’s what it was meant to be.

“The lives of the Cowboys” Visits Iowa Politics With Garrison Keillor

Yes, radio’s still going strong thanks to Garrison Keillor and the guy making the sound effects of a horse. Genius. Pure genius. As genius as rent-to-own housing!


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At 5:26 Dusty departs to form an “non-partisan relationship” with a  dance hall floozy, while Sue serenades the saloon with her Primary wishes, setting the stage for a visit from Gov. Walker and Billionaire Charles Koch.

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