Everything You Need to Know About Christian Von Koenigsegg

Who knew the Swedes knew their stuff about automotive manufacturing and innovation? Seriously. This one dude could give Japan and even a certain figure in the U.S. auto industry manufacturing BMWs a run for the money. We’re, of course, talking about Mr. Christian Erland Harald Von Koenigsegg. We’ll just call him Christian Von Koenigsegg (or CVK) for short, given the name’s longer than a mile.

The History and Innovation of Christian Von Koenigsegg

You have to give some props to a little toddler Christian Von Koenigsegg at the age of five forChristian Von Koenigsegg having the dream to build the perfect sports car after watching a little-known Norwegian animated movie called Flåklypa Grand Prix. Fast forward to 1994, and you have that same toddler-turned-innovator launching what was called the “Koenigsegg project” where a prototype was designed to build the foundation where the current company Koenigsegg Automotive AB currently sits.

That was just the beginning, though. The reason why Christian Von Koenigsegg rests as one of many influences in today’s auto industry is the fact that he’s propelled standards of creativity in the market unlike other manufacturers have ever seen — such as triple suspension technology, a rear suspension system designed for models of Christian Von Koenigsegg allowing for straight-line speed and maximum comfort. Think of a car that hardly ever moves up and down with the motion of an imperfect road, and you have this idea of triple suspension.

Additionally, Christian Von Koenigsegg came up with free valve technology, utilizing electronics and air pressure to time the intake and exhaust valves, a more efficient system than the traditional camshafts we see in cars today. What does this mean? Engines run more efficiently, reducing weight and size. Each cylinder, in fact, could be controlled independently for more comprehensive combustion. In other words: we’re talking cost-efficiency, convenience, and long-lasting power. Less maintenance costs, better longevity.

Now that’s something us auto buyers look for when selecting a vehicle, don’t you think?

The Support for a New Automotive Horizon Is Truly There

It’ll only be a matter of time before we see all manufacturers go the way of Christian Von Koenigsegg. CVK’s glory.

Everything You Need to Know About Jeremy Clarkson

As with any industry, journalism is the fuel propelling information to the masses and launching new innovations with fervor. When it comes to auto selection, of course, that same fire of journalism has to come from somewhere: enter Jeremy Clarkson, well-known auto journalist and formidable personality known for the popular show “Top Gear” where advancements of the super-cool and fashionable in automotive manufacturing and racing get a front seat for all to watch with glee.

But That’s Not All Jeremy Clarkson Is Known forJeremy Clarkson

As any influence of the auto industry, personality is power. And Jeremy Clarkson has plenty of it. He’s brash. He’s brazen. He’s British. What’s not to love? Although that opinionated, tongue-in-cheek prowess showed in his written word and just might have gotten him in trouble in exiting the show “Top Gear” completely, the very fact that he knows his stuff about everything and anything auto makes him a hard person to ignore.

He’s been an auto columnist for ages now. He, in fact, started writing for his own agency, the MPA (Motoring Press Agency) in 1984, conducting road tests of the latest prototypes for an honest and rather blunt review of the best out there for all consumers to know. Because of Jeremy Clarkson, many consumers know what types of automobiles to buy.

Now That’s a Figure We Can Stand By in the Automotive Industry

It’s not like he’s all about opinions, opinions, opinions. This is a man who can drive a car and formulate an assessment with the best of them. He’s driven Peugeots and Fiats as well as Granadas, Rovers and even Aston Martins. He’s had the pleasure of driving Lamborghini models and writing up reviews of those — so in other words, you’d be hard-pressed to find any reason not to believe in what this guy writes about.

Think about it. The guy raced the sunrise in a Jaguar clear across the continent for crying out loud!

Everything You Need to Know About Elon Musk

Talk about superheroes making the likes of the Man of Steel blush and Mr. Tony Stark mad with jealousy along with his Avengers buddies. The auto industry really is an empire filled with superpowers and dare-to-dream initiatives ripe for the taking like Lexus’s hoverboard and the advent of 3D printing a real-life automobile (we’re not kidding). At the forefront of this automotive advancement and technology — which already exists in ways we can’t even comprehend, really — is just one man. One man who may arguably sit at the top of a very important list of influences in the auto industry. His name is….

Elon Musk: Our Very Own “Iron Man” of the Automotive IndustryElon Musk

He’s actually been called that before, believe it or not. This is a man not only pioneering the very possible idea of colonizing Mars with SpaceX and even proposing a concept called Hyperloop (a high-speed transportation system you’d have to see to believe, and even then you might not believe it along with the likes of Uber’s Travis Kalanick)…. But potentially revolutionizing the auto selection market with Tesla Motors, a major player in the green manufacturing regime of electric vehicles.

We don’t have to be in the know when it comes to electric cars. We’re seeing them already. Gasoline-powered automobiles may be going the way of the Dodo, and that’s fine. But when you’ve got a man like Elon Musk delivering the very first electric sports car, the Tesla Roadster, and a slew of other revolutionary prototypes paving the way to a new auto industry, plus remarkable electric powertrain systems sold to Daimler, Mercedes, and Toyota, it’s pretty clear — this is the man, Elon Musk, ushering in the new era of automotive manufacturing and transportation in a big way. No question.

He Also Is a Co-Owner of PayPal

You know, that online payment service. Yep, that’s Elon Musk for you. Can you imagine Iron Man managing payment accounts with a smartphone (a smartphone that can also drive, perhaps)? The future’s coming, and Elon Musk leads the way.