Everything You Need to Know About Travis Kalanick

When it comes to the auto industry, influence is paramount. Who are the key players? Who’s opening new doors for a market ripe for advancement in everything from transportation to design? Aside from certain scandals and legal problems involving disability rights, Uber CEO Travis Cordell Kalanick just might be at the forefront of an empire where taxi-cabs die off and numerous people can earn money just for driving around! What a novel idea….

A Breakdown on Who Travis Kalanick Is

We did mention certain scandals — not that it tarnished the man who is Travis Kalanick muchTravis Kalanick at all, given this is an American entrepreneur sitting at the Forbes list at 290 of the 400 richest Americans of 2014 (estimated net worth of $5.3 billion). However, he had his fair share of trouble given Scour, his peer-to-peer file-sharing service, faced a major lawsuit with the Motion Picture Association of America and a couple other organizations due to copyright infringement. Travis Kalanick, though, was a smart cookie and had Scour filing for bankruptcy to protect assets, saving the man from an utter downfall.

Enter: Red Swoosh, another file-sharing service that was bought out by Akamai Technologies back in 2007 for a nice sizable amount — $19MM. This takes us to the current revolution Travis Kalanick has founded, enterprising and innovative in the idea that takes the transportation — and automotive — industries into a whole new level.

Enter: Uber. We’re pretty sure everyone’s heard about this mobile app and service, making waves all over the U.S. and allowing just about anyone to access qualified drivers utilizing their own vehicles to basically pick up ‘strangers’ (literally) and take them anywhere they want to go. Think of it as a supremely flexible taxi-cab type service, but expanded to achieve national dominance outside of any region. The idea is, indeed, astonishing.

As You Might Already Know, Though, Travis Kalanick Catches Some Flack

Did we mention the current legal proceeding about disability rights for some riders who require everything from a guide dog to a wheelchair? Yeah. However, Travis Kalanick’s been on the up-and-up and making the appropriate policies to ensure he’s under legal compliance with the code of the legal act in question. Kudos to you, Mr. Travis Kalanick.

It’s pretty clear, though…. Whatever your opinion of Uber is. This is a man capable of morphing the landscape into something without bounds. It’s no wonder he’s climbed high as an influence of the automotive industry. Better watch out for him.


Everything You Need to Know About Harald Krüger

With a sideways colon over the “u,” of course, in his name. Just sayin’. Mr. Harald Krüger gets well known not just for the unique spelling of “Harald” or “Krüger,” but because he’s the CEO of the auto group many loved for generations: BMW. How so? He’s the man responsible for pushing trends and innovations for German auto groups all over. Arguably one of the many influences in today’s auto industry.

Why Harald Krüger Could Be Changing the Game for Those High-Performance Cars in the Auto Industryharald kruger

Yes, it’s true: high-performance cars can be pricey. Harald Krüger, though, tries to push more of the affordability, which may change an entire automotive landscape like you wouldn’t believe. He’s been pushing crazy auto ideas like the i8 and the i3 electric with the optional gas range extender as well as something totally outrageous in the X6M that at first glance when announced seemed so incredibly ludicrous that it would never fly.

Guess what: that X6M is now being aped. The Gran Coupes are being imitated. It’s as if Mr. Harald Krüger has the ability to pied pipe his way through the crowd and have the automotive rats follow suit like rodent zombies. The tune he plays will be the anthem of the automotive industry. Watch.

I mean, the man’s even pushing for carbon fiber on “ordinary cars”! This idea seems to be flying just fine for vehicles like the i3 at an affordable price. So, yes, even the middle-class person looking for auto selection services can get a true-blue sports car from BMW without breaking the bank.

You Can Bet This Is a Man With Influence in the Auto Industry

We just might be seeing a merging of classes in the automotive industry where affordability, convenience and efficiency might apply to just about any and every vehicle out there. That’s great for consumers. We shall say if it’s also good for manufacturers out there. All we can say is we love those BMW’s, “Harold” (we mean “Harald”).

Everything You Need to Know About Elon Musk

Talk about superheroes making the likes of the Man of Steel blush and Mr. Tony Stark mad with jealousy along with his Avengers buddies. The auto industry really is an empire filled with superpowers and dare-to-dream initiatives ripe for the taking like Lexus’s hoverboard and the advent of 3D printing a real-life automobile (we’re not kidding). At the forefront of this automotive advancement and technology — which already exists in ways we can’t even comprehend, really — is just one man. One man who may arguably sit at the top of a very important list of influences in the auto industry. His name is….

Elon Musk: Our Very Own “Iron Man” of the Automotive IndustryElon Musk

He’s actually been called that before, believe it or not. This is a man not only pioneering the very possible idea of colonizing Mars with SpaceX and even proposing a concept called Hyperloop (a high-speed transportation system you’d have to see to believe, and even then you might not believe it along with the likes of Uber’s Travis Kalanick)…. But potentially revolutionizing the auto selection market with Tesla Motors, a major player in the green manufacturing regime of electric vehicles.

We don’t have to be in the know when it comes to electric cars. We’re seeing them already. Gasoline-powered automobiles may be going the way of the Dodo, and that’s fine. But when you’ve got a man like Elon Musk delivering the very first electric sports car, the Tesla Roadster, and a slew of other revolutionary prototypes paving the way to a new auto industry, plus remarkable electric powertrain systems sold to Daimler, Mercedes, and Toyota, it’s pretty clear — this is the man, Elon Musk, ushering in the new era of automotive manufacturing and transportation in a big way. No question.

He Also Is a Co-Owner of PayPal

You know, that online payment service. Yep, that’s Elon Musk for you. Can you imagine Iron Man managing payment accounts with a smartphone (a smartphone that can also drive, perhaps)? The future’s coming, and Elon Musk leads the way.