Sherman and Denison, Texas: Seeking Retirement With Wildlife

Doesn’t it feel like an homage back to your roots, living in the wilderness a la Swiss Family Robinson, tree houses, forts and the sun on your back as you work the Earth and reveal the fruits of your labor? That’s retirement. Taking you back to nature. In the best way, too. Not just marveling at it on your porch, getting older and older. Retirement is all about living¬†younger — and there’s no better place to do that than in Sherman, Texas, and Denison, Texas.

Why Retirement Is so Popular in These Twin Citiesretirement texas

Above all retirement towns in America, retirement hopefuls don’t just benefit from the staggeringly cheap home prices at $79.4K per property and a median mortgage payment of $303, but there are also no state taxes on social security or pensions. That’s just the start of it.

As we already mentioned, retirement is about actively¬†getting back with nature. Sherman and Denison deliver the goods with a free pass into Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge, allowing you to enjoy — better than any zoo out there — the joys and splendor of the wilderness.

I’m talking about over 300 different species of birds, over 30 species of mammals, 60 reptile and amphibian species, and just over 60 different species of fish. It’s relaxing to marvel at the animals, plus it’s a great way to entertain the grandchildren.

Because Retirement Should Be About Family

Imagine what it would be like to find a good zero-down home there in Texas and getting to see the family more often as they come and visit you due to the many amenities in these two towns. It’s worth it. It’s definitely worth it to your retirement as well, as you bask not only in the heart of Texas, but in the savings your fixed income will enjoy. For sure, it’s a winner as far as retirement goes.

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