Everything You Need to Know About Jon Gray

Jon Gray happens to be the pinnacle of one of the richest real estate operations in the nation: Blackstone. We’re talking, though, about a private equity firm and not a property management company dealing in home rentals and RTOs. However, the model this man known as Jon Gray follows certainly applies to just about any facet of the real estate industry, but let’s get to the bread and butter of why this man fits the bill as a major player in real estate.

For Starters, Blackstone Is a $93BB Real Estate OperationJon Gray

Back in 1992, Jon Gray revolutionized the operation, starting as a staffer for the original $334MM real estate fund. Through a novel concept of “Buy It, Fix It, Sell It,” he took the work of Blackstone and skyrocketed real estate private equity in such a way that it may awe the likes of all real estate gurus clear and wide.

Think about it: he grew the $334MM funding to the $93BB we’re seeing today for Blackstone. That’s pretty impressive. And while his mantra has the simplicity of a children’s book, one thing’s for sure — if it worked enough to result in the monumental $26BB purchase of Hilton (yes, Hilton), then we say don’t fix it if it ain’t broke.

A Trendsetter of the Profitable Real Estate Private Equity Front

Jon Gray is in. No matter how you slice it. But the point about Job Gray is that he knows how to keep the cash flow coming when it comes to real estate, and ultimately that’s a benefit for everyone. Whether you’re a home renter, a homeowner, a home investor, or someone interested in rent-to-own.

There’s no telling how far Jon Gray will go with Blackstone, because as it stands, the company has one other major player in the business, making Blackstone a key component in an industry only beginning to soar. Good news for everyone.


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