A Review of UNSPOKEN FOR: Your Singles Social Network

Yes, a “dating site,” this is — but what makes this one so different from the other dating sites? This is the ironic beauty of this singles social network known as UNSPOKEN FOR — technically, they’re really not a ‘dating’ site! And that’s precisely the point of it all. Far be it from them to smash eHarmony, or left swipe Tinder. They can lock our INBOXes from Match.com, too, and call it a day — but the fact is those sites do have a specific goal in mind: relationships. Now don’t get them wrong — that’s what they want, too!

They Just Go About It a Lot Differently Than Those Other Dating Sites 

First and foremost, they’re a network. Like Facebook. They’re a community. This isn’t a “speed dating” service where it’s all about efficiency and finding that ‘perfect’ match in the shortest amount of time. Nor is this about ‘perfection’ or a plethora of ‘options’ on your plate. At UNSPOKEN FOR, they found that all of that can be distractions from what really matters when it comes to relationships.

  • Firstly, They’re Focused on the One-on-One — That means you don’t get a flood of messages, winks, flirts, gropes, eyes or hearts over your fun pic, leaving you with no time to actually get to know the person! Find out why that matters to you right now.
  • They Also Want to Help You Communicate Versus the Other Way Around — Forget the endless questions about your personality, fitting you to a specific mold. You just tell them who you are. And they can take care of the rest if you want with this service!
  • Lastly, They Can Even Help You Figure Out the Whole ‘Relationship Thing’ — A lot of these other dating sites assume you know exactly what you’re doing. You might not. You might need some help. Or else you wouldn’t be trying to look for some answers. Guess what: they have the answers right here.

That’s What Makes UNSPOKEN FOR so Different From the Other Dating Sites

In a way, they’re not a ‘service’. They’re your very own circle of friends — just without the stupid games, cat videos, random updates, and odd pictures. Their focus is the entirety of relationships, from start to finish. So here’s what they say to you: start with us, and you’ll definitely finish the job, finding that special someone at your own pace, on your time, all on your own. You honestly can’t beat that compared to those other dating sites….