Lawmaker proposes state registry of home-schooled children

I ask this question: is this good or bad? It’s not like the registry’s anything close to a sexual offender’s list, so to speak. Still, does it present a certain stigma to all home-schooled children? Or is it just a way for Child Protective Services to filter out certain “leads” and recognize that by law parents are exercising their right to educate their children outside of school?

It’ll be interesting to see how this proposal plays out. Makes you wonder what a family law attorney would consider regarding this….

Nashville teen accused of making multiple threats to schools

To think we were all past this tidal wave regarding school shootings and troubled teens. It’s sad that social media would be used for such a case by a young student facing such issues. Read up on this for the scoop and let me know what you think regarding the issue. This touches on everything from education to society, laced with bits of technology advancement and trends.

At the very least, I guess, protocol’s in place in the event such a Nashville teen tries to take matters in his/her own hands — either by email or any other medium!

Districts Partner to Build School Music Programs

A school district delegation from Anaheim, Calif., traveled to Nashville, Tenn., this spring to learn what it takes to create a robust music education program.


Now that’s music to my ears, bringing in the HOPE that we all wish for to a dying art form. Music programs in schools are the true ‘recess period’, trumping that of any see-saw or set of monkey bars. Just sayin’.

K-12 Librarians’ Roles Shift to Meet Digital Demands

A school district in Vancouver, Wash., has recast the duties of librarians to serve as experts in technology and blended learning strategies, capable of training peers on how to use digital tools.


Now a librarian doesn’t just “put books back where they belong”! Now that’s an opportunity for employment evolving into something exciting.