Everything You Need to Know About the Chrysler Airflow

When it comes to auto scandals like what we’ve seen with Volkswagen, this story may be just about the dirtiest of them all, because it does involve a major automotive giant still existing today, albeit the most recent financial troubles: General Motors. Back in the day, GM was king — until another energetic upstart of an automaker came out with the rather innovative Chrysler Airflow in 1934, a prototype of sheer cinematic genius way ahead of its time and foreshadowing automotive excellence for many years to come.

Of Course, GM Hated That the Chrysler Airflow Was Getting so Much Attention….

This is where the auto industry can get super-vicious. So what did General Motors do? theyChrysler Airflow-1 bought out advertisements in the Saturday Evening Post, pitching proverbial puke balls at the Chrysler Airflow with allegations of plagiarism due to a “top-secret GM design.” Think of it this way: GM was the big bully kid jealous of the smarty-pants who the girls really liked (but wouldn’t admit it).

Those were the days when auto advertising and competition were so bloodthirsty that it made mixed martial arts look like butt slapping with a wet napkin. Amazingly enough, though, Chrysler wasn’t reeling much at the stab GM made, releasing a newsreel of phenomenal prowess and innovation, showing off the Chrysler Airflow and its advanced suspension by shooting out tires at high speeds. Impressive. The newsreel even featured a pitcher throwing a fastball at a window and not even cracking the glass. Testers even rolled the darn car over and drove it away without a problem; and if that wasn’t enough, they drove the Chrysler Airflow off a 110-foot cliff, and after it landed, testers at the bottom drove the steel beast off into the horizon — all without one dent on the fender or a scratch on the windshield.

You’d Think That Impressive Newsreel Would Make a Difference in This Auto Industry

Sadly, it did not. The Chrysler Airflow was beaten (not by the cliff, obviously) due to the gossip and scare tactics of GM and their successful smear campaign. The car that would’ve made more headlines for years to come was then discontinued due to the bad press and negativity of the supposed “scandal” and was never seen again.

Case in point: you lose in the auto industry if you’re the target of gossip!

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When Korea Takes Over: NFL Takes Hyundai and Ditches GM

NFL: say it isn’t so. You did not just go this route, opting for official sponsorship from, well, Hyundai? Over General Motors? In all fairness, bear with us on this, because there’s a whole lot more to this story.

Why the NFL Went With the Well-Known Korean Automaker as the Official Auto Sponsor

Imports in the auto industry definitely have their place, and the NFL recognizes that, no NFL-Hyundaidoubt. As with any trends in the auto industry, legal or marketing or technology, the NFL was poised and ready to go after one of the more successful brands as it stands, and that’s Hyundai. Fair enough. This allows Hyundai to utilize the NFL logo and brand in ad spots for four years, gaining more of a market share in the business in relation to the nation’s arguably most popular sport.

But that’s not really the initial reason why the NFL switched gears here. While you’d think GM, the longstanding Detroit automaker having been a regular staple in NFL football since 2001, would want to continue with their deal, the automaker has, in fact, not. GM has actually decided against renewing its sponsorship with the NFL and has decided to focus their “sponsorship resources in other areas in the future.” So you can honestly see that it’s not the NFL.

This doesn’t mean we won’t see clever, cool GM commercials during breaks between Super Bowls, though! GM loves the relationship with the NFL and the fans. This is more about business and strategic partnerships, maximizing auto selections and establishing more of a footprint in their market. Each to its own, I suppose.

We Should Expect Hyundai to Start Soaring Even More Than They Already Have

Marketing is marketing. Don’t let it fool you, though, as when you’ve got a good vehicle on your hands along with the auto insurance and roadside assistance to boot, it doesn’t matter if the brand’s in league with the NFL, NHL or any other sports league out there. But it certainly does help the revenue some for the automotive manufacturer in question now, doesn’t it?



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