Sherman and Denison, Texas: Seeking Retirement With Wildlife

Doesn’t it feel like an homage back to your roots, living in the wilderness a la Swiss Family Robinson, tree houses, forts and the sun on your back as you work the Earth and reveal the fruits of your labor? That’s retirement. Taking you back to nature. In the best way, too. Not just marveling at it on your porch, getting older and older. Retirement is all about living younger — and there’s no better place to do that than in Sherman, Texas, and Denison, Texas.

Why Retirement Is so Popular in These Twin Citiesretirement texas

Above all retirement towns in America, retirement hopefuls don’t just benefit from the staggeringly cheap home prices at $79.4K per property and a median mortgage payment of $303, but there are also no state taxes on social security or pensions. That’s just the start of it.

As we already mentioned, retirement is about actively getting back with nature. Sherman and Denison deliver the goods with a free pass into Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge, allowing you to enjoy — better than any zoo out there — the joys and splendor of the wilderness.

I’m talking about over 300 different species of birds, over 30 species of mammals, 60 reptile and amphibian species, and just over 60 different species of fish. It’s relaxing to marvel at the animals, plus it’s a great way to entertain the grandchildren.

Because Retirement Should Be About Family

Imagine what it would be like to find a good zero-down home there in Texas and getting to see the family more often as they come and visit you due to the many amenities in these two towns. It’s worth it. It’s definitely worth it to your retirement as well, as you bask not only in the heart of Texas, but in the savings your fixed income will enjoy. For sure, it’s a winner as far as retirement goes.

Sky’s the Limit With Cloud Based Bookkeeping

As with any accurate profile review a la “Criminal Minds” style analysis, we look at the goods of any business to determine benefit, accuracy, prestige, quality, reputation and morale. Think behavioral analysis unit talk. Joe Mantegna and the pithy blonde at the computer would agree! When we review a business, we’re all about dead-on accuracy, and this is no exception when talking about true start-up and innovation known as Cloud Based Bookkeeping, a unique service bundling many features into one with convenience, affiliated partnerships to keep the pricing low, and value unprecedented in this sector for small businesses, entrepreneurs and other star-studded trendsetters and game-changers in multiple industries.

For Starters, You Can Expect Cloud Based Bookkeeping to Leave No Stone Unturned

Their list of services is loooooooooong. Longer than the word ‘loooooooong’. One look at the website, and it just might blow you away. Thanks to the numerous business relationships in CRIMINAL MINDSsync with their services — such as with identity theft, credit counseling, roadside assistance, legal representation, and even tax planning — the competitive pricing alone draws you in, establishing convenience, clarity and a way to get all your services rolled up in one without hassle, without multiple contacts to worry about.

That’s actually the best part, though — you basically work with just one person. One person to contact. Any questions you have? You call them right up. They have all the answers. They take care of all your financial bookkeeping needs. Talk about pulling off those duties from your plate and taking care of business!

That’s the True Benefit When You Think About It

Cloud Based Bookkeeping may have the services lined up beautifully, and that’s all well and good. The best benefit, though, is simple — as an entrepreneur or small business owner, you now have all the time in the world to do what you need to do to grow your company or organization. Revenue. Profit. Expansion. Success.

That’s Cloud Based Bookkeeping at its ultimate. No bloated salaries for someone in-house. No worrying about jobs ads, interviewing, recruiting, hiring or firing. You simply call up Cloud Based Bookkeeping (also known as the CBB, in my opinion, because that sounds cool), and they can take care of everything for you in minutes.

Go Ahead and Check Out Their Services. Seriously!

It just might be the best move you’ll make. Trust me. I’m definitely no criminal mind here.

New credit scores could bolster housing market

The National Association of Realtors says that the adoption of new credit-scoring models could improve the ability of borrowers who lost their homes during the foreclosure crisis to buy again….


I call this pretty good news given the fact that almost 1MM homeowners out of a staggering 9.3MM faced foreclosure most recently according to statistics. Looks like the NAR are on to something big! It’s all about the credit ratings of homeowners now.

Pocket listing marketplace out to supplement MLS, but will it?

Two real estate agents are set to launch a central repository for unlisted for-sale properties, marking the latest attempt to capitalize on tendencies to market homes off the multiple listing service (MLS). Denver-based Prevali will capture listings “upstream” of MLSs and other….


Going off the MLS? Trends are aplenty in this industry’s marketplace, for sure, and you can bet that social media’s involved in how we sell homes. As a real estate guru, hold on for the ride. The market’s looking at a lot of changes.

Yes, We Knew Joan Had Been Married Twice on Mad Men

Without a doubt, Christina Hendricks can steal my identity any day as the redhead bombshell that she is. Sad that “Mad Men” is at their last season!


On last night’s Mad Men, Joan reluctantly admitted to her new suitor Richard that she’s a mom. He balked initially, but came crawling back, flowers in hand (and ascot on neck), begging for a second chance, which she seemed likely to give him. It was all pretty charming, really. But … More »

Lawmaker proposes state registry of home-schooled children

I ask this question: is this good or bad? It’s not like the registry’s anything close to a sexual offender’s list, so to speak. Still, does it present a certain stigma to all home-schooled children? Or is it just a way for Child Protective Services to filter out certain “leads” and recognize that by law parents are exercising their right to educate their children outside of school?

It’ll be interesting to see how this proposal plays out. Makes you wonder what a family law attorney would consider regarding this….

Nashville teen accused of making multiple threats to schools

To think we were all past this tidal wave regarding school shootings and troubled teens. It’s sad that social media would be used for such a case by a young student facing such issues. Read up on this for the scoop and let me know what you think regarding the issue. This touches on everything from education to society, laced with bits of technology advancement and trends.

At the very least, I guess, protocol’s in place in the event such a Nashville teen tries to take matters in his/her own hands — either by email or any other medium!

Sony’s premium HT-ST9 sound bar boasts Bluetooth headphone support

Sony’s HT-ST9 sound bar is the company’s newest flagship at $1,499 and it boasts some unique features such as support for Bluetooth headphones and IP control.

Undoubtedly, this could turn any seminar into a supercharged connected sound platform, minimizing install time and maximizing speaker effectiveness. Definitely worth looking into!

How the nature of real estate in Mexico is changing

It is estimated that Mexico will reach 65 million Internet users this year. This is having a mexico-internet-real estatesignificant effect on the local real estate market. According to Lamudi’s own research, 82 percent of consumers now use the Internet in their real estate search process …


Anyone surprised that the cyberspace does have a direct link to real estate? I’m not. This has become so prevalent in the industry that even a mariachi can sell a home via social media!